Franz Strohmeier

Franz Strohmeier

Franz Strohmeier


Franz Strohmeier is one of those rare winemakers who can easily be described as a visionary of the world of natural wines, a wine philosopher who is initially at odds with the establishment that surrounds him in West Styria, the “green heart “of Austria.

The Strohmeier spiral symbolizes infinity and the patterns of nature. Decisions are made with the aim of extracting the expression of the terroir as much as possible. His vineyards are wild, without pruning, and give grapes their very intense aromas.

Strohmeier’s wines are on the wine list of NOMA (4 times #1 on The World’s 50 Best Restaurants) and GAGGAN (4 times #1 on Asia’s Best 50 Restaurants).

Rose Sekt (Sparkling) HK$400

A Blauer Wildbacher Rose Sparkling, traditional bottle fermentation, with more than 44 months on the lees. Blauer Wildbacher grapes are typical of the area. This sekt is still alive in the bottle.

Blanc D’Orange No. 1 2019 (Sparkling) HK$350

A light semi-sparkling wine with grapes from mainly minimal pruning system; Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Blanc, skin fermented as well as some Zweigelt fast pressed.

Cat-Silver No. 1 2019 (White) HK$350

Cat-Silver is the name for the silicate stones with very thin layers which are glamming everywhere on the fields, that is why Stronhmeier wanted to create a wine which shows the variety of grapes that are planted.

This is a cloudy wine with grapes from different vintages, and from skin fermented as well as pressed grapes.

White grapes (Sauvignon blanc, Chardonnay, Bronner, Muscaris, Buten-Muskateller; red grapes (Souvignier gris) and dark blue grapes (Zweigelt, Blauer WIldbacher, Cabernet Jura, Merlot, Rosler, Regent).

Lys-rad No. 30 2019 (Red) HK$250

Blauer Wildbacher Rose together with some Zweight Rose, fresh young style from “minimal pruning system”.

Still Wines of Trauben, Liebe und Zeit (TLZ)

Time, Grapes and Love, The wine is made with nothing else but these.

TLZ – Wein der Stille No. 10 (White) HK$500

Sauvignon Blanc, 12 months on whole grape, then pressend and further 12 months barrel-ageing before bottlling, grown on developed Gnesis soil.

TLZ – Indigo No. 3 2017 (Red) HK$450

Grapes, time and love,. A Blauer Wildbacher red wine, with 32 years old vines grown on Gnesis soil.