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100% Fermented Grapes

About US

Why Are We Special ?

  • One of the best source for Central and Eastern Europe natural wine
  • Advise on the trend on natural wine, what is popular and newcomers
  • Access to growers’ “limited edition” wines

The Team

Amy Wu

•Cellar Master and Founder
•Co-Founder of the largest jazz entertainment business in China with a valuation of RMB150million
•Specialises in startup of operations in developing countries
•Held various senior management positions in multinational corporations, including FMCG (Fortune 500 and listed company in United States) and retail (one of the largest retail chain) across many countries such as China, Vietnam and United States
•Panelist for World’s 50 Best Restaurants and Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants

Kenneth Cheng

• General Manager and Co-Founder
• General Manager at the largest jazz entertainment business in China with a valuation of RMB150million
• Successfully planned, negotiated, executed for China's largest annual jazz festival and live performance engagements for over 50 different Grammy Award-winning artists, and over RMB40million worth of international artist projects
• Have extensive experience in media and music/art education, and restructuring such companies for a better future

The Story

  • Amy and Kenneth have been best friends for over 10 years
  • They have a common interest on finding interesting projects to invest, operate and bring the engagement to a next level
  • After many successful endeavors in China (and unsuccessful ones), their new concept for Shanghai when the world fell apart, so they settled in their hometown, Hong Kong and continue part of the concept, in anticipation to grow the awareness (an of course sales) of natural in China/Hong Kong
  • If you care about where your eggs came from, why do you not care about how your wine was made
  • All the wines were selected by Cellar Master, Amy who visited some of the winemakers and their vineyards