Eschenhof Holzer

Eschenhof Holzer



With over 16 hectares, Eschenhof Holzer is located in the viticultural region of Wagram. The name “Eschenhof” comes from the ash trees in front of the cellar. Innovative winemaker Arnold Holzer, in the 5th generation, took over the winery in 2010 and draws on the unique wealth of nature with a lot of creativity, a distinctive style and a sense of delicious creations.

From an early age he helped in the winery and familiarized himself with the traditional knowledge of viticulture. For him, building a successful brand is the art of giving the special product an independent personality. There is no other easy to define what he has created with his revolutionary raw petnats bottled in 500ml flipflop bottles. Easy to open, easy to drink, refreshing and thirst-quenching… a new concept of modern but totally natural wine made without any addition of sulfites and using indigenous yeast from the local grape varieties.

A fizzy Pet Nat made from Gruner Vetliner with beautiful effervescence, naturally fermented, tastes like dry cider and sour beer

A fizzy Pet Nat made from Zweigelt, cloudy rose with sour apple candy and tastes like tart cherry soda