Sarnin- Berrux

Sarnin- Berrux



Focused on sustainable development and respect for the environment, Jean-Pascal Sarnin and Jean-Marie Berrux strive to produce high quality, natural and lively wines from grapes that they buy from organic winegrowers.

This Saint-Romain based négociant only produces natural wines. They use organic grapes and natural process to make wine, thus no enzymes, no yeast, no filtration; just a minimum bit of sulfites, just before the bottling to protect the wine during transport and cellaring. However, the supply of organically grown grapes is very limited in Burgundy while traditional winegrowers are dominant, organic domaines are often smaller produce less.

Maison Sarnin-Berrux first came to life in 2007. Both Jean-Pascal and Jean-Marie are corporate people and not winemakers by inheritance or young experienced. Sarnin was in finance and Berrux in communication and advertising, who worked with a winemaker in Jura.

Today they have approximately 10 wines in their portfolio with most of them being village appellations.

The somewhat “shy’ variety, this Aligoté is floral and ultra-expressive, lemon zest and honey on the palate hint at the superbly long finish to come

An utterly classic; a Chablis natural wine experience almost perfect, everything is where it needs to be; great minerality, clean palate, with a slightly saline finish

A bit oxidative and nuttiness, oaky mineral flavors, brioche with a long finish

A basic and light easy drinking everyday Burgundy

Refined and structures red wine made from old vines charming aromas of cherries and berries

Good sense of terrior, the dusty notes and red fruit is balanced by its acidity